‘”Crime” is the word used to describe the survival tactics many marginalized people must use to survive under capitalism, one reason queers are among those most likely to be locked up. Especially if you also happen to be trans, PoC, sex worker (especially post-SESTA/FOSTA) or just any identifiable type of lower caste.

‘So what else should we do besides thumb our nose at the very idea of law? We’re still out here risking arrest, filling up the frontlines, countering fascists in the streets.

‘We’re still out here risking arrest just to stay fed, housed and alive while waiting to drown in boiling sea water and no cis-gay winning elected office has done a whole lot to change that material reality. But expropriating entire shopping carts worth of video games, art supplies and baguettes to redistribute amongst all the poor gay kids like faggot Father Christmas has at least brought us some comfort.

‘So I guess the slogan means we’re done negotiating with mainstream gays over respectability. We realized being a gay criminal is the coolest thing you could be and war on bourgeois morality is the coolest thing you could do.’ - Lo Ascarium to Gay Star News.

Be Gay Do Crime USA

  • Approx $29 USD. Direct from our Oregon store.

    18 inch chains. 3.5cm x 2cm. 2mm thickness.

    Made from high quality surgical steel. 100% nickel & copper free. Surgical steel won’t rust, tarnish or irritate. Gold/Rose Gold are 18k plated. Comes with gift box.