Select passages from 72 Virgins, Boris Johnson's 2004 Novella.


"In the name of Allah, Haroun told himself, I had better be careful. He found himself staring irresistibly at Cameron, just ten feet or so away in her low-cut top. He felt the surge of fundamentalist rage that inspires the pathetic Islamofascistic male. How much longer would Jones keep them among these harlots and jezebels? He stared with that perverted Wahhabi mixture of lust, terror and disgust at this portrait of sexually emancipated Western woman. He glared at her thighs and her unambiguously exuberant bosom and yearned to punish her, punish her entire society, punish America for her criminal role in pioneering feminism."


"She knew exactly what she looked like when she came back into his presence. She had dried herself and was wearing only a short silk thing with straps. She was looking - this may sound crude, but it is no less the truth - like a lingerie model only cleverer, and, if anything, with bigger breasts." 

Fuck Boris

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