After weeks of clapping the NHS the Tories have refused to give pay increases to the key workers who continue to drive us through the pandemic. Never forget that day in March 2017 in the Commons when Conservatives won the vote to continue the public sector paycap for nurses, police and the fire service. They were so overjoyed there'd be no pesky payrise they cheered. In the last five years MPs have agreed to give themselves a £12,000 PA payrise.


At the end of 2020 it was confirmed MPs would receive a further £3,300 a year. Rishi Sunak has confirmed there will be public sector pay freeze.

Fuck the Tories

  • 18 inch chains. 6cm x 1cm. 2mm thickness.

    Made from high quality surgical steel. 100% nickel & copper free. Surgical steel won’t rust, tarnish or irritate. Gold/Rose Gold are 18k plated. Comes with gift box.


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