The UK has one of the highest Covid death rates in the world. They spent billions on a failed test and trace system and avoidable restrictions plunge the UK's most vulnerable further into poverty.


If that wasn't bad enough, while under the cover of an emergency, the government awarded £18bn in coronavirus-related contracts during the first six months of the pandemic, to their Tory mates.

10% of our profits go to the Trussell Trust, a network of food banks in the UK.

Fuck the Tories Mask

  • Our masks are made with 5 layers of protection, including activated carbon fibre. Super soft adjustable straps, fitted chin section, nose wire, filter pocket and fabric that's kind on the skin. Comes with 2 removable PM.25 filters. For maximum protection it is recommended to change your mask filters regularly. Machine washable.

    Due to hygine reasons all facemasks are non refundable.


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