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David Oluwale - 1969 Leeds - killed by police.

Mark Duggan - 2011 Tottenham - shot dead by armed police.

Christopher Alder - 1998 Hull - died at a police station.

Sean Rigg - 2008 Brixton - died at a police station.

Roger Sylvester - 1999 North London - Died when six police officers held him on the ground for 20 minutes.

Kingsley Burrell - 2011 Birmingham - Died of cardiac arrest after a cover was put over his face by police.

Sheku Bayoh - 2015 Scotland -  died in custody in 2015.

Sarah Reed - 2012 Holloway - found dead in prison three years after she became a victim of police brutality after shoplifting.

Simeon Francis - 2019 Torquay - Died in prison.

Smiley Culture - 2011 Surrey - Died from a stab wound sustained after police officers raided his house.

Mzee Mohammed - 2016 Liverpool - Died after being detained by eight shopping centre security staff and 18 police officers.

Joy Gardner - 1993 North London - Died after a violent police raid from to cerebral hypoxia and cardiac arrest.

Jimmy Mubenga - 2010 Heathrow - Died after being heavily restrained by three G4S guards on a British Airways deportation flight.

Cherry Groce - 1985 South London - Shot dead by police looking for one of her children during a raid at her home.

Dalian Atkinson - 2016 Telford - Died of cardiac arrest after being restrained and tasered by police officers.

Cynthia Jarrett - 1985 North London - Died of a heart attack when police officers went to search her home.

Julian Cole - 2013 Bedford - Tackled to the ground twice outside a club – once by security guards and again by police officers and now requires 24 hour care.




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